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Smartly.ai can be proud to say that they made bots project which they were passionate about reflecting a fresh, timeless and trendy vision. In partnership with Rosbeef! for evian© Smartly.ai succeeded to create the perfect Paris City Guide chatbot.

A out of the box and young chatbot about Paris

The chatbot is a interactive guide inspired by the city which is the reflection of a vibrant and curious brand as evian© tend to be.

The City Guide lists more than a hundred of the young and trendy must-see places in Paris identified by Le Bonbon©. The app provides the best spots in Paris for restaurants, shopping or cultural outings.

Messenger City Guide

Forget about paper guides or endless researches for the best spots in Paris. The only thing to do to start the experience is to be connected to the brand Facebook page via Messenger or flash the QR code on the water bottles (5 millions water bottles have been released).


In charge of tech development, Smartly.ai (reference solution for chat and voice apps building) created a Messenger chatbot providing geo-tracking features which makes able users to go directly to the address chosen. Available in French and English, the chatbot targets young working person and families from Paris as well as tourists.


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