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DAA: The Digital Assistants Alliance

Your digital assistant, everywhere.

Our Vision

Connecting everyone to its digital assistant, everywhere.

Our Mission

• Fostering highly-effective global collaboration among member companies

• Delivering excellent conversational experiences through interoperability

• Working on ways to secure the data privacy of users the integrity of digital assistants

• Embracing technology and driving innovation

• Promoting the adoption of our technologies worldwide

• Leading, developing, and embracing industry-agreed standards


The DAA is a global non-profit association created in June 2018, by several visionary companies with the goal of driving the best user experience, everywhere and on every device, regardless of brand, using a new standardized technology named Open-AI.

As a start, we would like to enlarge the collaboration between Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana to other assistants such as Google Assistant or Orange Djingo. Then, we could explore ways to secure and enlarge this circle, by releasing and adopting a standardized protocol for the upcoming assistants, to be cross compatible too.

A few weeks ago, two of the most popular digital assistants, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana have been shown working smoothly and in total cooperation (article + video). This is a notable achievement that should be extended to other digital assistants providers.




Why? Well because, the largest the choice the better it is for the user who can find more personalised answers, as well as benefit of a wider skillset.

Our plan at the DAA is to enlarge this circle letting all the other popular assistants join the Party.


We want a world where Alexa, Cortana, Watson, Assistant, Djingo, Bixby and other upcoming digital assistants are totally interoperable.


We think users should always have the ability to talk to their favorite assistant whatever the device they are using, with the guarantee that their personal data would be easy to move.

The first pragmatic achievement for the Alliance is to specify, release and adopt a standardized protocol for the current and upcoming assistants to be totally cross compatible regardless of the hardware.


Below are the desired founding members of the DAA:

• Amazon

• Google


• Orange

• Microsoft

• Samsung

• Smartly.AI

• Facebook

• Alibaba

• Xiaomi


Are you building a digital assistant? Let’s talk! 🙌


• May / June 2018: Discussions with the founding members

• June 2018 – SVS London: First physical workshop with founding members. Incorporation.

• Feb 2019 – SVS Paris: First Draft of the Open-AI specifications document

• June 2019 – SVS London: First Prototype Open-AI demonstrated

• 2020: 1.0 Specification is released

• 2020: First Open-AI compatible device shipped


Don’t miss this very unique opportunity to shape the future!


Hicham Tahiri, CEO of Smartly.AI – hicham@smartly.ai


PS: You think that this project seems too ambitious? Think of a world without USB or WiFi. The world just needs this openess and interoperability to happen. Let’s do it! ⚡️


Are you in? contact us hello@smartly.ai


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